Record Review: Stereoflower

It’s Alright, It’s OK, Satellite Commander
Perth, Australia

“Pop laden lo-fi on the barbie”

Stereoflower’s debut It’s Alright, It’s OK, Satellite Commander, is an admirable step forward into the lo-fi realms of folk rock.

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“The Cocaine Bebop” may sound hard to swallow, but it’s clear choice for a single. The guitar work of Rufus Marmaduke is brilliant, pounding like the heart of a coke-fueled Wall Street yuppie. The delicate, aching vocals of drummer Dr. Blythe balance out frontman/guitarist Alex Elerby’s howls. Stereoflower goes on to sling out a few pop-laden melodies on “I Love You Like Lost Time” and “If Wishes Were Horses (Then We’d All Be Cowboys).” The real gem, though, is the closing track, “What Goes Around (Gets Lost).” With a smooth melodic progression, the song is a clever lo-fi piece with sorrowful keys and appropriately disjointed vocals that conjure heartbreaking nostalgia.

Being that this is their debut, it sounds like Stereoflower is still trying to discover their voice, yet they seem to have a tight grasp on which direction to pursue. With a gifted lineup of musicians, it’s hard to be pessimistic about their future. (Walking Horse)

Recorded by Matt Gio at Underground Studios // Produced and mixed by Tim Sherry // Co-produced by Alex Elbery and Laurie Singara

-Christina Dore


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