Record Review: Stereo is a Lie

Stereo is a Lie
Austin, TX

“Oasis meets the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”

Dark.  Melodic.  Psychedelic.  These are just a few of the adjectives one could utilize to describe Stereo is a Lie.  On their self-titled debut, the band has carved out an identity for themselves, offering up a collection of deliciously raunchy and anarchical 1980s-inspired arena rock. The record practically begs to be put into the listener’s stereo and turned up at maximum volume.  Frontman Glynn Wedgewood’s inimitable vocals shine throughout, calling to mind Thom Yorke of Radiohead, while fellow band mates build subtle, mature layers of sound through a variety of symphonic instruments.

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A combination of Oasis and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “It’s Too Late” is an example of quality musicianship that is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish, while “Get it Right” evokes INXS’s Michael Hutchence.  Things slow down a little with “I Won’t” and “Stop,” in which Wedgewood sings, “Too much is nothing / It becomes no fun.”  Although the music is stellar, it’s top class production that really puts this effort center stage.  Crisp and clear sound enables listeners to feel as if they are enjoying a private concert in the comfort of their own home, which only serves to make the record that much more enjoyable. (Monolathe Records)

Mastered by John Golden // Produced by Danny Stapleton & Glynn Wedgewood // Mixed by Chris Cline

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