Record Review: Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe
Troy, NY

“American folk ready for the long haul”

How refreshing to hear a voice with such conviction, with storytelling and song craft so compelling, so stirring to the human soul. Sean Rowe’s new album conveys a sense of wisdom; a collection of songs brimming with powerful, emotional weight.

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The opening track is convincing and immediate, as “Surprise” finds the listener entranced by Rowe’s powerful tone. As the record progresses, the band slowly enters the room, one by one. Yet Rowe’s voice is the true superstar of this escapade. “Time to Think” is the perfect listening experience, eager to help sad souls envision peace and healing. “Night” features a glorious guitar line that dutifully accompanies Rowe’s words to utter satisfaction. The production quality is dynamite, as each song is interwoven with a tapestry of perfectly layered instruments.

“Jonathan” and “American” both display Rowe’s keen insight into the darkness of our world, and the power of light and redemption through art. The words and chord structures are deep and morose, yet bud with amiability and the promise of faith. A perfect soundtrack for road trips, it feels as if you’re stuck in a lightning storm in the heart of Oklahoma, flatlands surrounding you, mountains off in the distance: “I listen hard for the voice of God/I didn’t hear nothing at all/I was a runner nearly half my life/I had a girlfriend back before I died.”

A listening experience well worth the money, don’t be late to pick up this fantastic work from a veteran songsmith. (ANTI- Records)

Produced by Troy Pohl // Recorded at Collar City Sound, Troy, NY // Mastered by Larry Divivo, Silvertone Mastering

-Shawn M. Haney


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