Record Review: Say Hi

Say Hi
Um, Uh Oh
Seattle, WA

“Renaissance man, Renaissance plan”

Say Hi, formerly Say Hi To Your Mom, returns with yet another basic syllable-laden album, a follow-up to 2009’s Oohs & Aahs. Um, Uh Oh is another impressive feat for the multi-talented Renaissance man Eric Elbogen, who records all of Say Hi’s releases at home.

This latest album marks yet another step forward for Elbogen: it hits all the right notes, featuring a variation between his signature synthy not-quite-lo-fi vocals and guitar, and tracks with more serious and bluesy undertones, such as “Devils” and “Shiny Diamonds.”  “Take Ya Dancin’” will no doubt make you want to start dancing, and “All The Pretty Ones” is classic Say Hi, complete with slurred lyrics sung with masculine bravado, all underneath poppy guitars. He’s no longer singing about vampires, robots and other fantastical things, but Say Hi’s music is still pretty fantastic. (Barsuk Records)

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Produced, recorded, and mixed by Eric Elbogen in his bedroom in Ballard, WA // Mastered by TW Walsh

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