Record Review: Sarah Blacker

Sarah Blacker
Come What May
Cambridge, MA

“Graceful singer/songwriter avoids sophomore slump”

There are few singer/songwriters in Boston who will be remembered for years to come. However, Sarah Blacker’s enchanting voice and pinpoint sense of melody put her on pace to outlast most passing trends. Come What May is only her second full-length, but features 12 heartfelt, country-tinged, catchy pop songs.

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Throughout the record, equipped with her acoustic guitar and mandolin, Blacker takes the listener through tracks about life, friendships, love and loss. Album opener “Drivin’” is an upbeat number highlighted by light snare counts, and provides the perfect company while driving. Other standouts include “When I Was New,” “Come What May,” “Shining Giant” and “Smitten.” The album’s cloer, “Cowboy,” features vocals and instrumentation from Boston musicians Billy Beard and Dinty Child (Session Americana), as well as Boston-area MC Tom Bianchi, who provides upright bass beats and backup vocals.

On her latest release, Blacker proves her ability to stand out from the crowd as she deftly delivers a set of solid songs that leave you wanting more. (37 Productions)

Produced by Sean McLaughlin and Sarah Blacker // Recorded and mixed by Sean McLaughlin at 37 Production Studios in Rockland, MA and Noise in the Attic Studios, Scituate, MA // Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering

-Matt Lambert


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