Record Review: Roh Delikat

Roh Delikat
Boston, MA

An endearing quality about most alternative music is the fact it can readily change itself to various forms of dark imagery, while retaining a strong sense of fluidity.  Vocalist and guitarist Kristina Johnson Parish, along with drummer Scott Craggs, bring an interesting lo-fi atmosphere to this equation, making things direct and simple.

The 8:28 long “Monsoon” lurches forward amid the gentle hum of feedback, followed by a pulsating bass line. Then, with a loud ‘Thwack!’ the drums kick in. Parish’s vocals sound like they are being churned out through an oscillator at the bottom of the sea, momentarily surfacing when the air is sweet enough. The feeling of paranoia and confusion runs deep on “Mud Sugar,” its chorus raw and claustrophobic.

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“Metal Heart” is a snappier track that offers more melodic diversity, along with great vocals. On “Lavdanum,” Roh Delikat shows a love for epic build-ups and slow downs along with Indian influences. “Words Are Meaningless” closes the album with the lilting darkness that it started with; the guitar armies slowly coming to a silent end, burning and fizzling all the way down to the murky ocean floor.

Roh Delikat’s Sunny may be often dark and brooding, but the trace amounts of light offer an interesting mix to this collage of alternative music. (Self-released)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony

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