Record Review: Robert Deeble

Robert Deeble

Heart Like Feathers

Seattle, WA

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“A beautifully arranged album, finding light within darkness”

Robert Deeble’s first full-length album in six years, Heart Like Feathers, is an honest documentation of the musician’s journey throughout his artistic hiatus.  Themes of depression and inner struggle are found throughout the tracks on the album, but in those tracks are also messages of hope.  Deeble’s once-painful struggles morph into the re-birth of a musician who has found redemption within his artistic capability.

The opening song, “Heart Like Feathers,” is pleasant to the ear and an honest attribution of the musician’s newfound salvation after a dark period in his life.  Backing vocals from Lili De La Mora complement those of Deeble’s, and her voice serves as harmony on every track on the album.  Along with smooth guitar riffs and elegant string pieces, De La Mora’s vocals have a calming effect on each track.

Although each song seems to start off somewhat dark, there always seems to be a lyric that brings a glimmer of light, especially in songs like “Undertow” and “Exhale,” where lyrics reinforce a strong sense of hope.  The closing track, “Sunflower,” is the clear standout, exquisitely arranged while acknowledging the musician’s discovery of clarity.  Deeble’s authentic lyrics, along with stunning instrumental arrangements, make this album one of his strongest. (Mind Bomb Publishing Label/Dead Letter Records)

Produced by Dylan Magierek and Adam Selzer

Recorded at Type Foundry Studios

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