Record Review: RIBS

British Brains
Boston, MA

Head banging to a melody is not an easy feat. There is always the very real risk of dislocating your neck while incorporating a smooth-yet-jerking motion into any rock out session. Boston better start practicing its moves though, because RIBS is hard to listen to without doing much else.

RIBS has garnered comparisons to Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails, but British Brains features an evolving sound all its own. The EP is short, but it gets its point across effortlessly. The leadoff track, and classic power pop number “Even,” is followed by “Brains Out,” the strongest (and most fun) four minutes on the album, complete with synth beats and a fuzzed out guitar solo. It might even make you break out the old skateboard and roll around the driveway trying to ollie.

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“Silencer” does just what its name suggests, and serves as a platform for Keith Freund and Blake Fusilier to showcase their Trent Reznor-esque vocal stylings. It also might inspire some old-school lighter waving at shows, so everyone can rest their necks for a little while. (ArbitraryMusicGroup)

Mixed, mastered and produced by Keith Freund // Engineered by Alex Prieto

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