Record Review: Poor Moon

Poor Moon
Illusion EP
Seattle, WA
(Sub Pop)

“Sub Pop supergroup’s jangly ruckus”
What happens when members for Fleet Foxes, Crystal Castles, and The Christmas Cards join forces? You get Poor Moon, that’s what; a band that started as a little-known side project, but with the release of Illusion is ready to take its place in the spotlight.

The jangling sounds and ruckus beats make for an excellent listening experience. “People In Her Mind” and the title track are folksy anthems; with light vocals, airy chords and slowly ambling melodies, they are lost in a haze. “Once Before” incorporates electric sounds with a faster pace and a pop-infused progression, a departure from its neighboring tracks. The quartet has taken the varying sounds from their respective bands and fused them together into something retrospective and beautiful.

The EP is a glimpse into the four years of work the group has casually put together and a taste of what’s to come on their full-length debut, due out later this year. The five-track sampling is the very essence of who these musicians are, sprawling but concise, introspective and prolific – with true feeling.

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