Record Review: Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals

The End of That

Montreal, QC

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“Somewhere between a crisis and a pretty good time”

Plants and Animals has been a band that continually gets overlooked. While their first release, Parc Avenue, was an underground success but an otherwise underrated, casual unplugged twee-folk record, their second, 2010’s La La Land, seemed a bit too heavy, all over the place and lacked any memorable hooks to deem notable by music critics.

Their new release, The End of That, however, could quite literally be to the band what the title imposes, as it transitions into something in between their previous releases. Recorded over a year in 2011 at The Treatment Room in Montreal, and later at La Frette Studios with the help of the help of producer Lionel Darenne (Feist) just outside of Paris, the band took a much more relaxed approach in making this album, noting that they wanted to do it differently, but not in a way that would ultimately shock the listener. In that sense, they were successful. The End of That is a very organic, folk rock album. It is hard to tell if this record will get Plants and Animals any serious recognition, as it seems a bit too familiar at times, but with stand out tracks such as “Lightshow” and “Why & Why,” The End of That is definitely worth giving a good listen to. (Secret City Records)

Recorded by Lionel Darenne

Mixed by Warren C. Spicer and Graham Lessard

Mastered by Ryan Morey

Produced by Plants and Animals

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