Record Review: Pile

Magic Isn’t Real
Boston, MA

“A heaping pile of bold, brilliant rock”

Standing on the cross lines of rock, punk, and post-rock, this trio of brash Bostonians has recorded an album of lavishly textured songs and high-octane energy with a bit of fizz. Dissonant guitar riffs and sharp, gritty bass lines give Magic Isn’t Real a style of its own, but influences picked from Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and other punkish bands are always lurking in the shadows.

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“#1 Hit Single” is a track that starts off with a feverish guitar wailing with feedback, setting the mood for an impact of explosive drums. The track then switches up with more of a classic rock groove. Most songs, like the opening track “Uncle Jill,” have a way of always progressing into something with a bigger sound, or to the heart of the song’s style.

A sort of sludgy atmosphere can be felt, but they continue to build with different transitions and segues. The vocals might seem a bit different than what you might find in a rousing rock song; usually more clean than shouty but accompany the song well in the way of using an artistic voice.

Pile might insist that “Magic Isn’t Real,” but this album may cast a spell on you with their potion of unique, dynamic rock. (Self-released)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Galaxy Park Studios

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