Record Review: OONA

Oakland, CA

“The Bay’s one and OONA”

OONA’s description on Facebook reads “Music with TEETH.” In keeping up with that premise, the band’s newest album definitely sounds like they’re biting off a lot – but not more than they can chew. This Bay-area pop-rock band consists of Oona Garthwaite and Dave Tweedie – both of whom clearly know how to get an audience pumped up for some raw, head banging tunes.

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OONA – “Shout” by performermag

Oona herself is in your face from the get-go, and this album shows that she’s not quite ready to sit down. Shhhhout! starts off with a not-so-cleverly-named track, entitled “Shout.” It’s not confirmed whether this song was meant to sound straight out of New Orleans, but the instrumental tango going on in the beginning makes for a very Bourbon Street feel. Garthwaite’s voice is soft yet entitled – the balance is almost startling as the rest of the album unfolds.

“I Wanna Know U” may become the hit off the album, if not for its candid lyrics then for it its whiney, sexy and completely brain-throttling guitar riffs. “Hello Hello” offers up a flighty, dance-y situation – the type of song blasting during a high-energy pre-game with some of your closest, hippest friends. “Trouble” shows a completely different side to Garthwaite’s vocal ability – taking notes from the Fiona Apples of the world, it’s eclectic, sensual and shoulder rolling.

Shhhhout!, in essence, is an all-around good time. It’s raw and real – which counts much more these days when it comes to pop music. Garthwaite begs in “Let It Go” to “please remember me…” That shouldn’t be a problem, Oona. Your toothy tunes seem to be a hit. (A Champion Sound)

Produced, Arranged and Composed by Dave Tweedie

Additional Production by Stephen Bradley

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