Record Review: Obits

Moody, Standard, and Poor
Brooklyn, NY

“A bold and versatile platter”

The premier track “You Gotta Lose” from the band’s self-titled debut, lays out crunchy riffs which course through the listener’s ear canal with surging urgency.  The pessimistic tone dances with a mercurial step, and unfiltered flattering fluidness. Each ballad is solid and swift, leaving a craving for gustier drum currents for an imprinting on the senses. The styles on the album mold and melt with several eras and can be categorized as a combination of pop, rock and punk, with a twist of modern alternative.

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The lyrics graze along the melody like a skipping stone, sassily splashing through the music, then again air-born, enveloping the room.  The raspy punk-like nature of the vocals in “Naked To The World” feature an earthy twinge that detonates dancing fingertips, heels and shoulders.  The overall essence of the album embodies a short, sweet, and savage quality that is quite captivating.

The closing track “I Blame Myself” departs with a completely instrumental melody that leaves lingering traces of melancholy, due to the completion of the record.  The record manages to mix raw, attitude-driven lyrics with a savory, funky radiance that bounces brilliantly. (Sub Pop)

-Navarina Wakefield

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