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Now, Now


Minneapolis, MN

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“A nostalgic look at young love set to synths”

Straight from the Twin Cities comes Threads, the second full-length release from the indie rock band Now, Now. This album delivers catchy, yet sentimental lyrics as well as layers of guitar and synthesizers, making it the perfect record to bring on a long road trip with friends.

Trio Cacie Dalager (vocals / guitar), Jess Abbott (vocals / guitar), and Brad Hale (drums / synth) have demonstrated their talent both as songwriters and musicians. The album opens with the atmospheric track “The Pull,” making great use of haunting vocals and dreamlike synths. At times, the album felt a bit repetitive and one-note, as many of the songs run the risk of blending together, but there were several tracks that stood out. “Dead Oaks” and “But I Do” showcase Dalager’s clear and youthful voice with a strong guitar-focused melody. The best use of synthesizers can be found in the track “Wolf,” with its gripping introduction and well-balanced integration throughout the song. Another notable track is “School Friends,” an emotional lament about one-sided relationships that will take you right back to high school.

Threads proves to be an enjoyable trip down memory lane, revisiting past relationships and all nighters, driven by striking vocals and a smart use of synthesizers. (Trans Records)

Produced by Howard Redekopp

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