Record Review: Northwestern

NorthwesternCan’t Get Into ItAkron, OH“Heavy hearts pulled by catchy chords”The latest release from Akron quartet, Northwestern, Can’t Get Into It is a coordinated package of hook-oriented rock quips and amorous age-exploring songs that touch upon everything from mood swings and hot chocolate to faded relationships and shark teeth.This four song EP is chock-full of prevailing guitars, melodic bass and clangorous drums that play host to yelps of desperation, powerful group vocals and an enlivening air of anthemic camaraderie.The stand out slow jam of the pack is the subdued, yet emotionally wrought, “Windemere Stars.” A three minute escalation, the track eases in on an aqueous verse that strolls by as singer Jeremy Provchy casually croons, “Can’t stop thinking about playing baseball as a kid” atop matchstick high-hat work before reporting, “We are all Windemere Stars, struggling to find out where we are,” making reference to his alma mater and distant little league days.With open-book honesty and digestible hooks, Can’t Get Into It is a canapé of nostalgia and emotionally encrusted tracks that bob, weave and entertain the notions of being young, broken and pure at heart. (Keep It Together Records)

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