Record Review: Nicky Egan

Nicky Egan
Good People
Boston, MA

“Seductive blues and soulful tunes ”

Nicky Egan and her band know how to provide heaping doses of soulful R&B. Egan’s debut, Good People, is raised on gospel and soaked in blues. Listeners will experience a healthy balance of captivating ballads and high-energy anthems of love and life, delivering a punch of modern blues and rock.

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Egan’s vocals are seductive and sweet. She can belt like Janis Joplin and warm your heart like Etta James. Each track delivers confident and optimistic lyrics through adventurous arrangements. Tracks like “Getaway Lady” and “So Bad” showcase swinging melodies and raw, pulsating horns, while clean guitar work and light keys set the stage for stripped down songs such as “Price I Pay” and “Good People.” Garnished with funk and marinated in soul, this music will connect with you on a level you never knew existed. (Self-released)

Produced by Nicky Egan & Johnny Simon // Mixed by Will Hampton // Mastered by Brian Lucy at Magic Garden Mastering

-Kristen DeTroia

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