Record Review: Nice Purse

Nice Purse
Slumber Girls
Minneapolis, MN


“Buoyant, jangly guitar pop from the Twin Cities”

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Nice Purse is a five-piece band from Minneapolis with an upbeat sound, coupled with openly personal, almost-melancholy lyrics. On Slumber Girls, France Camp, Ian Nygaard, James Wolfeatens, Elise kaPow and Jeff Lorentzen kept the sound of their album light with simple chord progressions, whimsical melodies and cheerful, energetic strumming.

France Camp assumes the majority of vocal duties on the album, with his distinctly thin, almost-nasally tone that actually works perfectly with the band’s purposefully imperfect instrumentation. Although there is a sort of uniformity that links songs to one another, all seven tracks on the album seem to channel different emotions from nostalgia to guilt to chagrin.

Some standout numbers include a slower song called “Put It On Me,” with its layered vocals, and “Radical Roses,” which both feature intimate lyrics. “Senorita” showcases Elise kaPow on vocals and sounds similar to a Moldy Peaches track with its perfected simplicity and complicated light-heartedness.

Overall, the album is a quick listen. It’s melodic and straightforward, perhaps even simple, but also has moments of poignancy thanks to some well-placed harmonies, revealing lyrics and unself-conscious candor.


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