Record Review: Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars


Düsseldorf, Germany

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It is not yet possible to experience another person’s dream, to inhabit their mind while they navigate their subconscious in strange and wonderful ways, to see their memories take physical and ethereal shapes to uplift, energize, and haunt them, to hear their mind speak to itself in a voice no one else may ever know. Parastrophics comes very close, though.

It inhabits a mental space unbeknown to other musics, hiding messages behind bubbles of sound while blips of incomplete memories float by. Every note has a second meaning hidden just beneath its surface, and styles drift by each other like dandelion seeds. Pop music folds in on itself to reveal melodies on the B-side of its sound wave. Dance grooves clear the air to reveal hidden rhythms in the empty space around the beat. Parastrophics is the dream that happily keeps you asleep, content to drift through the infinite worlds within the mind. This is a journey you take without knowing, arriving with music and ideas swirling around your head but with no recollection of how you got there. (Monkeytown Records)

Produced by Andi Toma and Jan Saint Werner

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