Record Review: Monotonix

Not Yet
Tel Aviv, Israel

“Simply intricate”

In a time where electronics, accessories and excess have permeated almost every aspect of our lives, particularly music, Monotonix have decided to take a minimalist approach to their artistry. The “use only what is needed” approach employed by Monotonix reverberates through every track on their new album Not Yet. Not in the sense that you feel as though there is something missing, but rather one gets the feeling that a band this good really doesn’t need anything else.

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Monotonix’s songs are simple yet complex, reminding the listener of the endless possibilities that are present with just two instruments. Songs like “Everything I See” and “Fun Fun Fun” have little more than simple drum beats and impressionable guitar riffs, but that is all that they need to make you want to get up and start dancing. Other tracks like “Give Me More” and “Never Died Before” are composed in such a rich manner it becomes apparent why Monotonix only use two instruments. Monotonix’s rudimentary, seemingly primeval nature is a slap in the face wake up call to all those who think you need the biggest and best equipment to make the biggest and best music. (Drag City Records)

Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago // Mastered by Michael Tucci and Andy Vandette at Masterdisk, New York

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