Record Review: Misja Fitzgerald-Michel

by | Jun 6, 2012 | Reviews

Misja Fitzgerald-Michel
Time of No Reply
Paris, France

(Universal Music France)

“Heavenly acoustic tribute to Nick Drake”

This eleven-song release is a variety of primarily instrumental works that speaks to you more fluently than most recordings that are laden with strong lyrical content. Time of No Reply the true art form that is expressed through intelligently recorded instrumentation and performances, which are spacious and glisten with the sharp vibrancy of steel guitar strings and masterful use of the cello.

Misja Fitzgerald-Michel has truly captured magic. We are lucky to be the recipients of this artist’s musical illustration and variations, which span from a Spanish Flamenco-type style as demonstrated in “Fruit Tree” to a traditional blues-oriented “Know.” There is an overall tone that is calming; an ambient “backdrop” that eases you into a somber yet charming effect of the entire recording. Songs “One of These Things First” and “Way to Blue” are just a couple of the many examples.

Time of No Reply captures you; it guides you by the supple strumming of acoustic instrumentation and great adaptation, and artistic performances of compositions by Nick Drake; a peaceful tapestry of angelic tones that seep into your consciousness and send your imagination along a pleasant leave to your own daydream and comforting escape.