Record Review: Minnesota Beatle Project

Minnesota Beatle Project

Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 3

Minneapolis, MN

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“Beatles-inspired philanthropy for Minnesota music and art”

Musicians often choose to pay homage to those that inspired them with a cover or a creative rendition of a favorite track. The Minnesota Beatle Project represents a group of artists bending one knee for the legendary Beatles and the other knee for music and arts education in Minnesota. The words Tapes ‘n Tapes cry out in “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” add dynamic meaning to the philanthropic action of the project.

Minnesota-born or based artists on the album include Dark, Dark, Dark, who perfectly tackles “Long Long Long” written by George Harrison for The White Album. The Honeydogs play “Dear Prudence,” which again resonates like a call to action; the key message of the line, “Dear Prudence won’t you come out to play,” sums up the ideas of wisdom, sagacity, and reason.

The album also features Minnesota’s Anoka Middle School band, which received Vega Productions donations made possible from sales of Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 1, as well as album artwork created by students in Minnesota public schools. So, if you love The Beatles and enjoy hearing inspired renditions, Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 3 stands up as the perfect choice to ring in the New Year, with our children’s arts education in mind. (Vega Productions & 89.3 The Current Present)

Produced by Mark Gebring

Mastered by Rob Schlette at Anthem Mastering

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