Record Review: Mind Spiders

Mind Spiders
Mind Spiders
Fort Worth, TX

“Mixing raw attitudes and funky radiance”

Mind Spiders ascends many peaks, and bustles with originality, catchy newness and silky sentimentality.  The design of each track rings with individuality and yet manages to remain true to the underlying tone of the album.

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The lyrical mood of the track “Neurotic Gold” paints the melodies with comforting relatable truths, as well as invoking the vicious harshness of finding yourself a midst the chaos that comes with relationships.  The full richness of the vocals depicts strong emotional bursts intertwined with a matador-like mentality, creating a bold and versatile album.

The instrumentals, sometimes simplistic in sound, season the music with engaging guitar rhythms and doses of drumming, which delivers a depth to each new anthem. The modernism on some tracks saturates the listener in prismatic pop that separates itself largely from the sound layers of the other songs found on the record. The alluring nature of the bass riffs adds a touch of intrigue, weaving throughout each of the cleverly calculated tracks.  The band, and record, are sprinkled with spontaneity, and layered in distinguished diversity. (Dirtnap Records)

Recorded and produced by Mark Ryan in his home studio // Additional drums by Gregory Rutherford and Mike Throneberry // Mastered by Hanzsek

-Navarina Wakefield

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