Record Review: Mikey Jukebox

by | Jan 1, 2011 | Reviews

Mikey Jukebox
Mikey Jukebox
Rochester, NY

“Gather ’round the jukebox for some dancing!”

Mikey Jukebox, a.k.a. Mike James, formerly of NY band Longwave (amongst others), debuts his solo project – an electropop album of highly danceable, synthesized tunes.  Mikey Jukebox is what happens when an indie rocker meets ’80s-era pop.

Throughout the album, James tries to convey the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to listeners.  The album opens with “Hello Dreamer!” and greets the listener with a catchy beat and lots of effects.  James has been described as a “rock ‘n’ roll lifer,” and he explains that culture with the next track, “New Radio,” which boasts the opening line, “I’ve been a rock ‘n’ roll maker walking my walk for a long, long time.”  He urges everyone to join the party in “Come Along” and showcases his post-punk roots on numbers like “Song For Chuck Berry” and “Ghost of Rock N Roll,” a heavily distorted killer track. (Young Lion of the West Recording Company)

Recorded by Sam Polizzi // Mastered by Jay Franco at Sterling Sound