Record Review: Matt Mills

Matt Mills
Summer Night
Nashville, TN

“A country album infused with enticing dashes of rock”

Matt Mills, a relatively new musician out of Nashville, emerges into the spotlight with his first EP, Summer Night.  The sound of the record is a blend of country and rock, resulting in an easy-listening alternative-country album.

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The first two tracks on the record, “Summer Night” and “Everything in This Town,” seem as though they are one in the same song.  They both feature that classic country sound of lilting pedal steel guitars laced between Mills’ smooth vocals.  The pedal steel connects each song together as it slides its way through acoustic guitar licks and crashing cymbals.  Each track flows into the next, telling a seamless story of past loves and youth.

“Two Sides” serves as a shock of rock, proving that Mills is capable of additional musical textures.  The track is a battle between the smooth pedal steel and the electric guitar.  The song has a hard sound to it, which is a refreshing twist to the album.  Mills slows down the EP to a close, and the last three tracks bring listeners back to a classic country feeling.

Produced by Andrew Chapman

Engineered at 16th Edge Studios

Mixed by Breck Cooper at BC Productions

Mastered by Matt Hall

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