Record Review: Marc Lawson

Marc Lawson
Another Night Alone
Atlanta, GA


“Piano-driven melodies dive into introspective soul-searching”

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Marc Lawson released his debut in 2009 after moving to the Atlanta area to purge himself of past experiences and embark on pursuing his passion for music. The personal feelings experienced by the songwriter deepened the experience of each track on These Empty Streets, and revisiting Lawson’s career with the Another Night Alone EP shows that the musician’s catharsis lies in the expression of fear, doubt and triumph over the uncertainty with which all people battle in the decisions that matter most.

Of his debut release Lawson says, “To me, songwriting is the ultimate coping mechanism; it allows me to transform the painful experiences of my own life into something that can be shared with others,” and songs like “I Don’t Know Why” showcase the power and constant sense of seeking that makes his music so sincere and heartfelt.

The closing song, “Gypsy in Disguise” revisits the second track on the debut acoustically, which acts as a metaphor, capturing the spirit of Lawson’s piano-driven songs. The soul-searching he did across a lifetime pours out of the songs so that listeners will want to hold on to the desire to “get over” the “gypsies” in their life. Another Night Alone speaks to those yearning to break free.


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