Record Review: Love in Stockholm

Love in Stockholm
A King’s Ransom
Allston, MA

“Funky and stylish debut from Boston rockers”

Words that come to mind after listening to this album definitely include funky and stylish. From the opening drum roll to the track’s horn section, you realize the record is going to take you on a musical journey. The album segues between a song about a girl with an extra man in her life, “Other Man,” to not getting caught up in superficiality “Beauty Fades.” Along the way, the band brings a fusion of blues, funk, and rock to the table that leaves you craving a second helping.
The Allston boys have a big band sound, as vocalist Charlie Rockwell tops off the music with a strong voice that is an amalgamation of Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes). The music itself is in the vein of ’70s soul and funk, not too far from the realm of Joe Cocker and Sly and the Family Stone. To capture the full breadth of this band they have to be seen live, but still, A King’s Ransom is a very strong full-length debut from a hard working group. There is no other place this band can go but up. Key tracks include “The Buzzard,” “Other Man,” “Water,” and the final two tracks, Parts I and II of “Beauty Fades.” (Self-released)

Produced and engineered by Greg Teves and Andrew Kline

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