Record Review: Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna
Stoughton, MA

“Put your mama in your songs”

After hearing from Mary Gauthier that the only way to get to heaven was to“put your mama in your songs,” singer-songwriter Lori McKenna decided to make her mother the centerpiece of her latest record, Lorraine. It’s the latest release from McKenna, who struck gold with 2007’s Unglamorous. And while McKenna’s writing and vocal style never waver from their excellence, Lorraine showcases them at their best.

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Lorraine features 13 original tracks, and each plays like a short story from the subconscious of a small town, “third-shift dreamers” as McKenna calls them. The lyrics are poignant and forgiving, peaceful and pleading. The record covers familiar subjects in unfamiliar ways, and each song is rendered through McKenna’s lens of honesty. Picking standout tracks poses difficulty, but the title track along with songs like “Sweet Disposition” and “The Luxury of Knowing” are bound to find a permanent place in McKenna’s live set. Be sure not to skip “Buy This Town,” buried in the center of the record, as it’s one of Lori’s finest. (Signature Sounds)

Produced by Barry Dean

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