Record Review: Kyle Andrews

Kyle Andrews
Robot Learn Love
Nashville, TN

“Sunny indie rock woven into a textured ’80s synthesizer quilt”

Nashville native Kyle Andrews is a prolific multi-instrumental musician who has never made a poor album. Although Andrews records and plays everything alone at home, the production quality always glistens. He presents his relentless attention to detail in each song, while keeping tracks to digestible lengths and filling the voids with signature electronic nuances, vocal tweaks and keyboard flourishes.

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LISTEN NOW: “Lazer Tag with Imaginary Friends”

[audio:|titles=05 Lazer Tag with Imaginary Friends]

“There’s a bomb in the back of my head / you know I love you / because I’m still breathing” says the effervescent Andrews in the upbeat “Bombs Away,” a furtive, hook-laden and texture-heavy jewel that nods to his former electro-pop trailblazer, “Sushi.” Andrews’ pop vanguard is dazzlingly hook-laden, with key changes, danceable tempos and melodic noodling that constantly offers surprises.

Although some may find the album to be cushy and sweet, the spoils go to those who settle in with their headphones. Andrews veils his masterful production in an effortless cloak, even within the traditional verse-chorus framework. The ingredients for magnificently catchy pop songs lace the album together, peppering upbeat rhythms and electric guitar washes while delivering a sound that isn’t sophomoric or contrived. (Elephant Lady Records)

Engineered, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Kyle Andrews and Chris Grainger // Additional Production on tracks 5 & 8 by Greg Burgess // Mastered by Chris Athens at Sterling Sound

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