Record Review: Kordan

The Longing
Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn natives Kordan provides a lush backdrop to a winter night, just right for a cruise through downtown NYC. Full of fierce passion and insight, the band’s songwriting is haunting. What is most striking about The Longing is the use of mood and imagery. It creates an atmosphere perfectly suited for soundtracks of Batman or The Crow.

Hints of Doves spill between the lines of Arthur Eisele’s vocals. Elizabeth Reboyras delivers a versatile blend of stormy, lush synths, while Gabriel Rodriguez croons out a plethora of riveting bass lines in droning fashion.  “Fantasy Nation” builds into a hurricane of melodic forces, richly layered with romantic synth impressions, charming bass riffs and choreographed splashes of golden cymbals. Wonderfully creative, Kordan has quite the knack for instrumentation and performance on the highest level.

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All in all, this album merits many listens, and stands tall as satisfying – full of colors and textures that succeed in helping the listener feel strong emotions that only the best of music can offer. Perfect for relaxing during a nighttime drive, or traveling by plane, Kordan delivers quite a gem, genuinely defining their unique personality and sound. (Last Bummer Records)

Produced by Arthur Eisele // Mastered and mixed by Jamal Ruhe and Arthur Eisele at West Side Music // Recorded at a home studio in Brooklyn, NY

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