Record Review: Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor
Little Miracle
Cincinnati, OH

Written and recorded in just three days, Kim Taylor’s Little Miracle captures raw emotion. The lyrically driven album features sparse instrumentation, allowing Taylor’s honest and raspy voice to the stories.

A cohesive folk sound ties the album together, with piano, guitar and percussion serving as the main ingredients. Organ adds to the haunting feel of both “Open Wide” and “Lost and Found,” as an acoustic, country influence dominates.

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“Do You Ever Feel Lonely” and “Fruit of My Labor” have the most cheerful sound, although lyrically they are two of the most heartbreaking.  “Lonely” expresses the fear of being alone juxtaposed by a spirited melody. In “Fruit of My Labor,” Taylor breaks away from singing about her own feelings and lends her voice to an old migrant man, a character brought to life through a combination of detailed lyrics and simple acoustic guitar.

A beautiful version of Lucinda Williams’ “Sharp Cutting Wings (Song to a Poet)” closes the album and fits seamlessly with Taylor’s own compositions. With Little Miracle, Taylor sets herself apart through her understated and believable voice, which seems to have a lot to say. (Don’t Darling Me Records)

Produced by Jimi Zhivago // Arranged by Kim Taylor and Jimi Zhivago // Mastered by Jessica Thompson// Recorded at The Maids Room in New York City

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