Record Review: Julius C

Julius C
Ok, Ok
New York, NY

“Et Tu B?”

Self-described as “a story of love, loss, and self discovery,” Julius C’s Ok, Ok is not as melodramatic as the name would imply.  A largely up-tempo indie-tinged pop rock affair, Julius C dishes out some seriously catchy choruses you instantly want to sing along to.  The problem is, they seem to have trouble writing verses worthy of these hooks – making for somewhat of an “ok, let’s keep it moving, guys” sort of vibe. But even when they seem like an excuse to get back around to a killer chorus – it’s usually a pretty good excuse.

Highlights like “Sell My Soul,” “Party and Dance” and “Same Old Song” are laced with noticeable – if not front-and-center – soul, funk and keyboard-dance influences just dripping with sing along call-and-response choruses, clapping rhythm sections and backing “la la las.”

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These hooks are just begging to be played live; you don’t need to have heard the song before to immediately be able to pick it up and “la la” till your heart’s content. If Julius C could make a habit of making the rest of a song half as fun as the chorus, well, that’s a career right there. (Self-released)

Produced by Mike Tuccilo, Jay Stolar, Jason Wexler and John Adamski

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