Record Review: Jon Lindsay

Jon Lindsay
Escape from Plaza-Midwood
Charlotte, NC

Jon Lindsay dazzles his way into the limelight as one of Charlotte’s premiere musical poets, delivering his first full length, Escape from Plaza-Midwood. Richly layered with riveting choruses, dynamic instrumentation and charming storytelling, Lindsay’s effort is a tapestry of the greatest degree of creativity.

“These Are the End Times” opens with a prophetic message of hope and longing. “Futuretown” is glorious in both melody and dynamics. “Number Every Summer” displays Lindsay’s effortless, heartwarming harmonies.

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One of the best records to come out of the Southeast over the course of the decade, it’s full of life, bleeding with happiness and melancholy at the same time. You breathe in his music fully, a bliss of nature and the magic of music combined, able to help the worries of chaotic days fade away.

Intimate are Lindsay’s lyrics, and his talented band brings out Lindsay’s own special sound in a live setting, closely resembling Elliot Smith, with touches of Costello, Morrison and Warren Zevon, yet his vision is unmistakably his own. A songwriter of pure unpredictability and charm, don’t miss out on Jon Lindsay’s breathtaking achievement. (Chocolate Lab Records)

Produced by Jon Lindsay and Chris Waldorf // Mastered by Dave Harris // Mixed and engineered by Patrick Boyd, Chris Waldorf and Jon Lindsay // Recorded at Sioux Sioux Studios in Charlotte, NC

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