Record Review: Jeff Crosby

Jeff Crosby
Jeff Crosby
Donnelly, ID

“The right addition to any singer/songwriter fan’s collection”

Singer/songwriter Jeff Crosby’s self-titled full-length release is a wide-ranging collection of country flavored rock music. The scope of the music on each song and the certain way Crosby’s smooth vocals caress over his lyrics instill each track with a unique sound, ensuring that they stand out individually.

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The album opens with the steady beats and bass driven rhythms of “Plowshares 8.” The acoustic music in “Anything I Could Do” flows up and down through each verse, with an ear-catching guitar picking solo towards the end. “Love Will Let You Know” faces tender observations of the human condition: “It’s not what you have, it’s more what you have to give, somebody who’s hurting more than you” and “It’s not what you do, it’s more how you do it.”

On “One of a Kind,” the harmonies and instrumentation give the music a classic feel, while “I Didn’t Know” features a rousing guitar solo over a free flowing organ. The stark acoustic “No Need for Excuses” is embellished with a delicate keyboard tap dance through the bridge. The record closes with the up-tempo steady beats, finger snaps and horns in “All The Love She Needs.”

Jeff Crosby’s new album is the perfect addition to any singer/songwriter music fan’s collection. (Ride This Train)

Produced and Mastered by Mike Kirkland

Executive Producer: Kathryn Lichfield

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