Record Review: Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell

Stop and Go

San Francisco, CA

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“A natural fit for a natural talent”

Jeff Campbell has been the front man of San Francisco-based rock band Pine & Battery since 2005, and judging by the sound of his latest solo album, you’d never guess that Stop and Go is his first attempt at an acoustic album. The sound of the album is a natural fit for Campbell’s raspy, yet clear vocals and thoughtful lyrics. The opening track, “Shut Your Mouth,” has a catchy groove to it, which when paired with the upbeat guitar melody, has you pulled in from the very first line.

A stripped down version of Pine & Battery’s well-known song “Southern” is a highlight and makes a smooth transition into his new sound. Another highlight is “It Stopped Raining,” an honest song of encouragement, which showcases Campbell’s songwriting talents. Included with Campbell’s original tracks is a cover of “Drive” by The Cars, which is structured almost exactly like original, however uses only acoustic instruments – making for a cool sounding cover. The rest of the album follows suit with folksy and sparse arrangements, proving that Campbell is a singer/songwriter who has hit his stride. (Sonic Zen Records)

Produced by Jeff Campbell and Charlie Wilson

Mixed by Charlie Wilson

Mastered by Michael Romanowski

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