Record Review: Jay Psaros

Jay Psaros
On Up the Road
Boston, MA

“Every step is a leap of faith”

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Jay Psaros is a welcome breath of fresh air, creating music that is soulful, introspective and reflective. When the phonograph needle lies down on this vinyl, it feels as if Psaros himself is entertaining comfortably right here in the living room – a memorable evening with food and friends. On Up the Road is an album stirring up feelings of longing, faith and perseverance.

LISTEN NOW: “Almost May in Memphis”

[audio:|titles=02 Almost May In Memphis]

The opening track “Waiting to Let Go” is a burst of energy. One feels suspended is midair, floating freely, letting go of worries. A lush groove of percussion and guitars charms you in “Almost May in Memphis,” as organs and bongos shine amiably.

“Learning to Be Free” is bold and hip. “I’ve got a history that’s waiting to unwind/it’s always good to say hello my friend” transcends into a John Mayer-like chorus. This tune helps us to put all our pain behind us.

The likes of Dave Matthews and Phish explode through many of the songs on On Up the Road. Psaros and his musical mates capture the essence of a jam band atmosphere with great ease, as each instrument rides a steady, streamlined groove, the pulse of each tune delivering a magical mood.

The title track succeeds mightily with its feel-good Nashville style. “In my heart my spirit’s high/I find the air I couldn’t breathe/When walking down these city streets.” “Right Next to Me” explores one’s intent to leave from trouble into the mystique of the summer. It’s a song of lost love and longing, the dream of better weather, and new friends tomorrow.

With earnest magic, the band rides the wave of Psaros’s poetic lyricisms, while he strums his acoustic guitar with conviction, his vocal delivery full of enthusiasm and a winning smile. This is a soothing and vital addition to one’s record collection. (Self-released)

Produced by Jay Psaros // Recorded, Engineered and Mastered at Mojo Music Studios in Franconia, NH

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