Record Review: Jasmine Ash

Jasmine Ash
Beneath the Noise
Los Angeles, CA
(Lip Sync Music, Inc.)

“Lovely dreamy synths, rainbow pop”

Jasmine Ash provides fresh new life to the meaning of singer/songwriter in the female music realm for 2012. Delightful in her soft, subtle vocal approach, complete with the addition of haunting, space-age synths and riveting beats, Ash brings forth her arsenal of chops and riffs to create a dreamy, serenading pop album of infectious melodies and intuitive lyrics that stand to be reckoned with.

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The harmonies are scintillating in the opener “Cut Up,” leading into a captivating piano hook in “Lulls,” speaking of “lessons lost, windows and doors opening and closing” in life. The power of the track is represented here quite delightfully in the organs and buttery vocals.

“Starlight” brings together the dreamy sounds of ’50s doo-wop and the majesty of 2012’s cutting edge recording gear for a bright and thoughtful anthem. “Waterfalls” contains a punchy piano riff in the verse during the lyrics “swimming upstream” that slowly releases into a charming chorus with a waterfall of chords that resolve with a groovy buzz, as Ash sings in joy, “It all brings me back to you.”

“Echoes” is the album’s powerful and catchy rock ballad, with heavy, baritone pianos, fuzzy synths and even more glistening vocals. The beats and pulses are quite hypnotic, as the message of victory over pain and loss never seem to waiver.

The quality of production is amazing, and the final mixes never below appealing. Ferocious in her ability to churn out stunning compositions, Jasmine Ash is quite a force, brewing as a buzz-getter on the top of the list for most noteworthy female artists of 2012. Don’t let this record slip past your radar.

Produced by Jacques Brautbar and Sam Farrar

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