Record Review: Imaginary Cities

Imaginary Cities
Temporary Resident
Winnipeg, MB

“Engrossing, soulful pop from the Great White Yonder”

The only disappointing aspect of Imaginary Cities’ Temporary Resident is that it’s their debut. The album leaves one wanting more of this infectious and completely unique pop music; it’s almost impossible not to become an instant fan.

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Temporary Resident combines equal parts pop and soul with an ever-present hint of ambient electronic. The range of Marti Sarbit’s vocals can’t be ignored, whether crooning over the minimal accompaniment of intro “Say You” or belting out the irresistible hook of the album’s title track. Hardly satisfied with the confines of traditional songwriting, the album is filled with complex instrumental arrangements that only serve to enhance lyrics that tout the isolation and promise of the modern world. The Canadian duo isn’t afraid to bring in whatever accompaniment is needed to make each song the best it can be.

To say that this is a pop album doesn’t undermine the excellent songwriting or vocal performance found throughout, but only refers to the universally appealing choruses that make it unforgettable. Soaring and ambitious, Imaginary Cities have the talent to catch listeners in their music and make them wish to stay there. (Grand Hotel van Cleef)

Produced by Rusty Matyas // Engineered and mixed by Cameron Loeppky and Shawn Dealey

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