Record Review: Her Space Holiday

Her Space Holiday
Her Space Holiday
Austin, TX

“Post-Indietronica gives way to folk rock orchestration”

I imagine Her Space Holiday fans to be much like Her Space Holiday’s principle player, Marc Bianchi. As a once prominent member of the California hardcore scene, Bianchi went out in the world seeking something more than a circle pit, and found himself immersed in indie rock. He eventually abandoned decidedly electronic sounds for a folk influenced jam-style, and now has come full circle, finding solace in orchestra rather than synths.

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This self-titled full-length (allegedly Her Space Holiday’s final release) is beautifully produced and the instrumentation ranges from string sections to clarinets. The record opens with Bianchi singing alone through a crackled and fading speaker before erupting into a string-fueled overture. By the two-minute mark the horns have arrived. It could be argued that this album is a little OVER-orchestrated; at times it seems less like an indie rock manifesto and more like the score to a Disney film (see “The Hummingbirds”). Although none of this bounces along quite as much as his previous EP Sleepy Tigers, Her Space Holiday’s new record is worth giving a chance if you’re tired of playing in a hardcore band. (No More Good Ideas)

Recorded in Bastrop, TX by Stephen Ceresia

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