Record Review: Heatherlyn

Minneapolis, MN

“Haunting and serene, made perfect with stunning vocals and simplistic melodies”

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Nothing would describe Heatherlyn’s Storydwelling more fittingly than the singer’s own mantra of authentic, available, and audacious. The Maine native turned Minneapolis singer/songwriter perfectly captures a sense of simplicity, serenity, and experience in her new 12-track album. Bluesy undertones and crooning vocals add a dash of melancholy, while religious, societal, and historical influences make the record unique and smart.

“When I Dream,” “Wayfaring Stranger,” and “You’ve Gotta Move” showcase Heatherlyn’s voice perfectly with pure chords and provocative lyrics. “You’ve gotta dance when the spirit says dance//cause when the spirit says dance, you’ve gotta dance, oh Lord//you’ve gotta dance when the spirit says dance,” the singer matter-of-factly chants in the album’s sixth track. “We Have a Dream” is a decree of sorts, proclaiming “This is not about idealism and illusions//the dream is about holding on to both wisdom and wonder//it’s about getting real, keeping it real//having the humility to acknowledge we’ve all been part of the problem, and we can all be part of the solution,” the singer adds through a verse of spoken prose.

“You’ll Never Know,” the album’s closer, opens with dancing piano melodies and is a story-like ballad of loss, hope, and regret. The lyrics are poignant and personal, as if the listener is given a glimpse of the singer’s secret thoughts. It ends the album brilliantly, with swelling melodies and a vulnerable sense of contentment. (Self-released)

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Matt Patrick

Mastered by Greg Reierson

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