Record Review: Handsome Furs

Handsome Furs
Sound Kapital
Montreal, QC

“Synthesized keyboards with heart”

Do you ever find yourself craving massive loads of synthesis and electronic beats? If so, than Sound Kapital is for you. It is the latest release from Montreal-based husband and wife duo Handsome Furs and it is a creation born of keyboards, manipulated beats and the illusion of more.  The premise of using only keyboards to create an entire album is foreign and strange, yet Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry master it.

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The heady amounts of bass and complex compositions are incessant and there are moments when it is hard to believe there are no other instruments on the scene. The album starts off with “When I Get Back,” – infused with ’80s synth-pop harmonies and declarations of love, it could fit into a carefully crafted John Hughes movie. “Damage” ends with shocking in-your-face energy and “Memories Are the Future” is fueled by infections layers of beats.

Handsome Furs are breaking the mold. They have not only found a way to continue making music while on the road, but a way to further demonstrate their versatility as artists. (Sub Pop)


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