Record Review: Good Old War

Good Old War
Come Back As Rain
Philadelphia, PA
(Sargent House)

“The third in a battery of heartfelt acoustic emotions”

Folksy, feel-good melodies, incomparable harmonies and releases that make us want to kiss this collection of musical leprechauns are what Good Old War fans have come to expect. The band’s latest LP, Come Back As Rain, is no exception.

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They’ve introduced us to the hater of “Coney Island,” the lonely “That’s Some Dream,” and now the poor schmuck who’s got someone “Calling Me Names.” With spirited, playful tracks, to those that come off frantic or somber, Good Old War has always had a knack for making a light folk/acoustic album listen-able all the way through.

Come Back As Rain is like the hyper-sensed, 3-D version of the rest of their repertoire – richer imagery, more nuanced compositions, and if it was possible, catchier choruses. The album’s only downfalls include using the produced version of “Loud Love,” which appeared in a demo version on their 2010 self-titled release, and the noticeable repetition of the word “eyes” (though “Amazing Eyes” is one of the most memorable tracks).

This album proves that Good Old War has found a voice and a sound as relevant and resonant as the first silky three-part harmonies they sang. It also validates the old cliché that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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