Record Review: Fox and the Law

Fox and the Law
Fox and the Law
Seattle, WA

“Soulful songs for shoe-gazers and wallflowers”

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An acrid cloud of blue smoke silhouettes the surly bartender who leans away from his customers and closer to the stage a foot off the floor. This image appears like a movie as the opening track, “Awake,” plays its soundtrack, soulfully slow, written as if for shoe-gazers and wallflowers too afraid to ask for a dance in a dimly lit club. Welcome to the imagery of Fox and the Law, an intoxicating Seattle band with a blues twist like a lemon wedge on the rim of an electric lemonade.

For all its references to water, Fox and the Law seem to have come from a vast ocean of Seattle bands riding a wave of driven motivation. The winners of the Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands and the Live and Loud Local Band of the week for the first week of April, Fox and the Law released its four-song, self-titled EP independently. Guy Fox sings with a tempered edge to his vocals and lines like “I hope that I don’t drown” in “Unbelievable” give hope for the newest generation of garage rockers.

For those still seeking solace in late-night, smoky bars hoping to catch a whiff of the next “big thing,” keep an ear to the ground for Fox and the Law’s future. If the EP indicates a forthcoming full-length, this band could well propel itself out of the garage. (Self-released)

Engineered by Pat Moon and Guy Keltner // Produced by Justin Rolsor, Ryan Granger and Guy Keltner


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