Record Review: Evan McHugh

Evan McHugh
The World Will Move Along
Nashville, TN
“All you have to do is sing along”

The World Will Move Along is packed with effortless vocals, strong lyrics, and memorable melodies.  Based in Nashville, McHugh’s 12-track album showcases his talents as both a songwriter and a vocalist with an array of upbeat songs about love and life.

Though there is folk firmly rooted in most of the record, McHugh’s mellow and unaffected voice is also featured in arrangements varying from pop to jazz, which adds depth to the album as a whole.

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“I Want You More” is a standout track due to its smart and alluring lyrics as well as its jazz-infused arrangement – setting it apart from the other tracks. McHugh’s vocals sounds quite comfortable with the lighthearted hopefulness that comes through on the title track, “The World Will Move Along.”

Many of the songs have a Southern soulfulness, and despite the soft nature of his vocals he commands each track, no matter the instrumentation. He achieves this partly because of the strong lyrics of a talented songwriter and partly because of the conviction, with which McHugh sings every single line. (Self-released)

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Brad Jones at Alex the Great Recording, Nashville TN // Mastered by Alex McCullough at Yes Master

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