Record Review: Emily Elbert

Emily Elbert
Boston, MA

Produced by Stephen Weber and Emily Elbert // Engineered and mixed by Stephen Weber // Mastered by Jonathan Wyner

Emily Elbert has been playing music since she was 15, tinkering with piano and guitar and singing with the effortless melody of artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Corrine Bailey Rae and Thao.

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This year, Emily Elbert won the distinction of being named one of the “Top 10 College Women” by Glamour Magazine. Now, with the release of her follow up to 2006’s Bright Side, Elbert has collected 10 songs on Proof to show that she means business.

Elbert makes the kind of music you want to put on in the morning while you dress, make breakfast and take note of your to-do list before heading out into the world.

“In the Summertime,” the first track off Proof, shows off her guitar skills, akin to a frenzied James Taylor, her sweeping vocals honed by three year’s at Berklee, and of course her songwriting, which is catchy, fun and honest.

“Still the One” is a refreshing tune about saying goodbye without falling into the traps of sentimentality. On “Not a Fool,” her heartache is apparent as she sings about the coldness that has grown between two lovers: We said that we would be good friends/but your shoulder turned cold/and your arms just let go/and found someone else instead.”

It’s not revolutionary, but it’s still very good. Feeling a bit blue? Pick up Proof, open the windows and let the sunshine in. (Self-released)

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