Record Review: Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog

Be The Void

Philadelphia, PA

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“Trading Beatle-esque pop for audacious rock and roll”

Dr. Dog is a band that is consistently morphing, and with each record their sound seems to become edgier and more austere. In Be The Void, their second release on ANTI-, and fifth overall, the band has turned further away from the Beatle-esque pop they were known for, penning their most audacious rock album to date. Taking a cue from the critical acclaim of Shame, Shame, the band has once again tracked this album live, capturing the essence and energy of their stage performances. The addition of new drummer Eric Slick and electronics-percussionist-guitarist Dimitri Manos also seems to have an effect on the band’s sound.

That is not to say that the band has become completely callous, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Their sound is still catchy, upbeat, and danceable, but once a psychedelic and upbeat pop band, Dr. Dog has transformed from something vibrant into something edgier and harder. Songs such as “Big Girl” and “Over Here, Over There” flaunt more of a punkish Iggy Pop sound. And while opening track “Lonesome” and “Get Away” recede to a folk-like sound, the distorted guitar riffs make them fit perfectly into this otherwise brash album. Does this mean Dr. Dog will continue to craft impetuous rock and roll numbers? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – while previous attempts have gained Dr. Dog success critically, Be the Void will be the album that really gets them noticed. (ANTI-)

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