Record Review: Dead Rabbits

Dead Rabbits
A Record to Break
Atlanta, GA

“Psychedelic swamp duo brings stage presence to the studio”

Dead Rabbits are a duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist Joshua DeRosa and drummer/vocalist Lucas Fuentes. The two met in high school and over the past few years have been steadily developing a unique brand of fuzz-box rock ‘n’ roll that reeks of moonshine and struts out of the speakers with the best of them. With a wailing voice like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and a guitar tone often bordering along Zeppelin’s bluesiest attempts, Dead Rabbits make psychedelic swamp-blues that’s heavy for the sake of being heavy.

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Although critics remain divided about the Rabbits’ debut album (many claiming it lacked the raw energy of the band’s live show) this new EP (co-produced by the band’s mentor Phil Abbate) makes up for lost time and opens up with the hauntingly lo-fi wail of DeRosa and then quickly changes gears with a sudden smash of Fuentes’ cymbals, kicking off a heavy blues breakdown that sets up the groove for the rest of the record.

Although the record takes a brief misstep during the ever shifting semi-slow jam “Let Me Be,” the band gets back on track with the aggressive drum intro to “Acting Out” and doesn’t disappoint from that point on. This mix of songs that should have any listener excited for Dead Rabbits’ next full-length. (Self-released)

Recorded at Woodridge Studios, GA

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