Record Review: Daydream Vacation

Daydream Vacation
Dare Seize the Fire
Seattle, WA


“A Femme Fatale of Sensual Synth-Pop”

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The debut album from Emerald City duo Daydream Vacation, Dare Seize the Fire, is a colorfully projected 4/4 pulse of perpetual pop perfection, bouncing along like a stick across a picket fence; each clicking accent is answered with a joyous gyration of fun and effervescence.

Comprised of Asya, from the Siren indie-pop band Smoosh, and Dave Einmo, craftsman behind the über-dance moniker Head Like A Kite, Daydream Vacation is an electromatic double entendre of hetero-synergy that draws in listeners like the fruits of Eden.

The record’s first single, “Clever’s Not My Best Excuse” is a three-minute techno-funk vessel of addictive choruses that enslave subdued verses into fueling the record’s thematic thread of vindication and insomnia.

The white ape of Dare Seize the Fire, “Get Up On Your Feet,” is a horn-infused hip-hop saunter that describes a clandestinely cute journey to a happening hideout. Atop ambient chatter and gospel call-and-response choruses the track is a sexy amalgam of Phantogram and Sly & The Family Stone. With Asya serving as the clay and Einmo as the flame, Dare Seize the Fire creates a sculpture, boasting up-beat sophistication and musical fortitude, as it casually flirts with bereavement and existentialism under the clever guise of a waning heart.

Produced by David Einmo

Mixed by Gary Reynolds

Engineered by Graig Markel and Eric Corson

Mastered by Dave Cooley

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