Record Review: Darkhorse Saloon

by | Oct 7, 2011 | Indie Rock, Reviews

Darkhorse Saloon
Greetings From Darkhorse Saloon
Jacksonville, FL

”Over-the-top dive bar swagger”

Jacksonville natives Darkhorse Saloon is filling the vast guitar-driven rock ‘n’ roll deficit made by the overly electronic nuanced music gripping modern music. Bands like the White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age somehow returned to the Stone Age when the hippest musician on the block is a guy on a laptop.

Darkhorse Saloon – “My Wave” by performermag

Darkhorse Saloon are revivalists, the kind of “take no prisoners” band that falls in line with the American tradition of motorcycles, Levi’s and face melting guitar solos. Framed by the rock ‘n’ roll trinity – thick electric guitar, bass and drums – and unforgiving lyrics about drinking and reckless living, the trio turns “Sick of your shit” into a harrowing listenable anthem (“Blackwowtah”).

The unfortunately titled “Rock n Roll Shakin” is a lark, brandishing a chunky riff which sets the tone for shouting vocals that cut through abrasive din as if responding to the question asked by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s tour de force, “Whatever Happened to My Rock ’N Roll?” Although comparisons to Eagles of Death Metal are unavoidable (think Jesse Hughes’ vocal charisma) Darkhorse Saloon is more fist-throwing than dance-rock, nevertheless seamless with a sexual-charged bounty. (Self-Released)

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed at Independent Productions by Stephen Barber and Dustin Brack
Mastered at My Platinum Sound by Paul Lapinski
Produced by Darkhorse Saloon