Record Review: Dante vs Zombies

Dante vs Zombies
Detroit, MI

(Neurotic Yell Records)

“Circus-like kaleidoscope of sound”

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Eclectic and comical, Dante vs Zombies’ Buh blends together a mixture of sounds derived from the Ramones, the movie Grease, the Super Furry Animals, Supergrass and Atlanta’s the Futurists.

“Ta Da!” is a bright, raucous mix of sounds, a chaos of humor and wit in an organized frenzy. Brilliant lyrics and wordly wizardry, Buh is a great collection of songs that break the mold of the commercial, and redefine the style of the majority of college rock acts.

“Natural Disaster” feels a little like ’80s Duran Duran, with the lead singer blazing a path of soulful, haunting vocals, complete with jangly guitars, shimmering percussion and riveting bass lines. “Watermelon Iodine” feels like a Smiths’ version of a Queen-like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” featuring over-the-top vocal lines, towering choruses and a healthy dose of harmonies.

“Everything’s A-Okay!” is perhaps the telling anthem of the record, as Dante vs Zombies use themes of resurgence over powerful regimes to catapult their message and sound into a more dynamic setting for the listeners.

DVZ crafts Buh into a unique palate of sound and lyrical wit, helping bring fun to the listeners in a calming, soothing nature. A tantalizing soundtrack for spring break at the beach, the songs help carry the party. The fire won’t be distinguished until the end of this compelling work.


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