Record Review: CSC Funk Band

CSC Funk Band
Things Are Getting Too Casual
Brooklyn, NY

“Block-party funk band in a post-punk warzone”

The CSC Funk Band was born out of the Brooklyn noise-punk scene and has decided to channel their creative energy towards crafting a raw, funky ’70s soul sound. Interestingly enough, this is their first release on the Fat Beats label. Recently, it seems as though more than a few traditional hip-hop labels have started to stray from their turntables and head towards artists that seek to replicate the sound that so many hip-hop heads have sampled (think Stones Throw and their success with Mayer Hawthorne).

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CSC Funk Band – “Caneca” by performermag

Although CSC does possess a lot of the characteristics of the big funk bands of yore, you could definitely classify them closer to Mix-Up era Beastie Boys rather than Chocolate City-era Parliament. Yes, they’re definitely a funk band, but their emphasis on the guitar and more psychedelic rock grooves make their sound more centered on the volume knob rather than the groove. This is essentially ‘post-punks making funk music’ (their roster includes members of Bad Manners, Akron Family, and GWAR). A 9-track/45-minute set of high-energy funk rock. Play it loud. (Fat Beats Records)

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